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We are digitalization consultants.

Wir beraten für Digitalisation.

Digitalization* = Digitization + Transformation
“Digitization is not an objective. It is the way ahead.”
"Digitalisierung ist kein Ziel. Es ist ein Weg."
Angela Wacker
Digitization is in the beginning of Industrie 4.0
The Digitalisation Project.
The project methodology we apply.
Wie wir vorgehen.
Discovery 1 – 2 weeks
  • Confident, fast
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Design Thinking
Think big, but from the customer’s perspective
  • Cradle to cradle
  • Opportunities & tracking
  • Business model transformation: design
  • Services design
Incubation 4 – 8 weeks
  • Analysis
  • Vision
Creative change of perspective
  • Use cases, application cases, user experience
  • Survey new technologies, for example AM, AR, VR, RTLS, AI, IoT, LoWA, 5G, TSN, iWLAN, AGV, CPS, CPPS
  • Integration of social media, people and things
  • Relevance of technologies for examples of use & value creation scheme
  • KPI, success and decision criteria
  • Definition
  • Focus
  • Road map
  • Project & resource planning
Implementation 3 – 9 months

  • Collaborative team
  • Supplier
  • SW provider, IT
  • Agile Obeya
  • Architecture
  • IT security
  • Slicing
  • Prototyping
  • Makeathon
  • Testing
  • Readiness
Acceleration 3 – 9 months

Productive roll-out
  • Advanced analytics
  • Deep learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • KPI measuring
  • Rollout ecosystem
Digitalisation is a paradigm shift.
Ändern Sie mit uns Ihr Denkmuster.

Digitization Technologies
What a paradigm shift means ...
Was bedeutet Paradigmenwechsel...
Way of truth
Digitalization is “EVERYWHERE - not “THERE”. It happens “NOW” and not “in the future.”
Digitalisation passiert jetzt, hier und heute. Warum den Anschluss verpassen?
Secondly the truth
EVERY company works with software. Why are processes not digitized?
JEDE  Firma arbeitet mit Software. Warum nicht durchgängig digitalisiert?
The third truth of digitalization.
SPEED is everything: The fast and agile will outperform!
GESCHWINDIGKEIT: Der schnelle agile Fisch siegt über den großen.
Contact / Kontakt
Digitalisation TEC Consulting GmbH
Phone: +49 170 651 6351

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